Marcel van der Burgh has worked with dressage riders and horses at levels ranging from beginner to FEI with a success that few trainers can match. His years of experience help him to balance the desire to advance with the horse and rider’s ability; this approach keeps riders from languishing at lower levels but without sacrificing the correct development of the dressage horse. This unique skill makes Marcel an invaluable asset to his clients who horses improve in conjunction with their own ability. Boarding and training packages available for year round and seasonal clients.


In addition to training horse and rider teams, Marcel offers a rare opportunity for the developing rider: FEI schoolmasters for individual lessons. A few lessons on a schoolmaster can often help a rider in ways that no amount of lessons on a green horse ever can, as we all know the horses are our best teachers.


Marcel also works readying young horses, mares and stallions for keuring inspections. Working with young horses and breeding stock can be a challenging and difficult task for an amateur owner and poor preparation for a keuring can adversely affect even the most promising horse’s results at a testing. Investing in good training and an experienced handler will pay off every time.

Training Specialties

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