Training Specialties

Marcel van der Burgh’s student Isabelle Leibler won the 2011 North American Young Rider Individual gold medal on Watson 108.

Marcel van der Burgh FEI warmblood sales in FloridaA thoughtful and capable trainer, Marcel’s talents shine in a few different areas. He is a master at turning around the problem horse, as well as getting the best from young riders. Both skills are testament to his patience and level headed approach to dressage.

Young Riders

Training a young rider is a skill that many trainers will readily admit that lack. A young rider’s age and inexperience is both a detriment and asset, only a trainer with the right personality and knowledge can get the best out of them. Marcel has a track record of taking a young rider all the way to the highest and most competitive levels of the sport with a student wining gold at the NAYRC in 2011. The rigorous NAYRC tests the training of the horse and rider like few other competitions open to youth equestrians and to have a student win both the individual and freestyle gold medals was a proud moment that Marcel with thrilled to celebrate with student Isabelle Leibler.

Story on Isabelle from USEF Network


Problem Horses
Relying on a solid foundation of European training and years of experience Marcel has tackled a myriad of bad behaviors in a variety of sport horses. His patience and consistency let him work with a horse rather than against it to correct training issues both major and minor with a remarkable level of success. Whether working with a spooky young horse or stubborn campaigner Marcel’s strong basics and inventive exercises will transform even the most difficult horse.