Consultations and Clinics


Marcel van der Burgh is a pure and simple horseman. His experience in the world of dressage and horse training is invaluable, and so his opinion can help a rider on their journey to success.


Marcel is available for consultations concerning horse and/or rider; he will share his professional analysis and constructive suggestions. He is thrilled to help an owner evaluate their equine investment and its suitability for achieving a set of goals. Marcel’s charming demeanor and keen eye are an invaluable combination making his consultations an enjoyable experience for dressage, hunter or jumper rider.


As a dressage clinician Marcel brings a combination of European equestrian education and charming personality to the ring. He is an effective trainer that can help riders gain confidence in each session by focusing on successes rather than failures. He will to celebrate small victories without allowing a rider to succumb to frustration. Not all dressage clinic participants are shooting for the Grand Prix many just want to master the art of an enjoyable ride and Marcel is equally able and willing to help either type of horses and rider.